ITI Self-Service Solutions increase the speed, security, and visibility of every motor vehicle transaction available online and extend your service delivery capabilities inside and outside of your locations and normal business hours. ITI offers a wide range of products, from small standalone kiosks, to full service 24/7 Self-Service DMV Offices.

ITI Self-Service solutions are proven to:

  • Decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction by meeting your customers when and where they want to be met through expanded hours and convenience in any language.
  • Improve employee satisfaction by providing innovative technology allowing offices more time to complete complex transactions.
  • Decrease fraud through ATM security rated enclosures that provide an unbroken chain-of-control throughout the entire transaction, real time audits and fraud alerts, and only one way in and out of the system.
  • Increase revenue by increasing the number of on-time transactions throughout each office, decreasing the cost of each transaction, eliminating inventory carrying costs, and allowing your resources at the counter time to focus on more complex transactions.

Kiosk capabilities:

  • Vehicle registration renewals and duplicates
  • Driver’s license renewals and duplicates
  • State identification cards
  • Insurance reinstatements
  • Driver histories
  • Voter registrations
  • Address changes
  • Agency fee collection
  • Personalized license plate ordering
  • ATV and Watercraft registration renewals