FAQs – Print-on-Demand


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What type of printer is used?

ITI uses compact, easy to use and maintain thermal transfer printers.

How does POD support law enforcement?

Printing the registration form and decal on blank stock enables printing the license plate number on the decal to improve law enforcement’s ability to detect fraudulent use of a decal. For example, purchasing a decal for a cheaper vehicle and affixing it to a more expensive vehicle thereby evading the tax liability for the more expensive vehicle.

What is the printer footprint?

The printer footprint is 8” by 10”.

What type of routine maintenance do the printers require?

Very little maintenance is required. The print head should be cleaned whenever the ribbon and/or forms are changed (every 500 prints). Routine maintenance is provided by ITI technicians.

What happens if a printer fails?

In the majority of cases, ITI’s Customer Care (Helpdesk), can assist remotely to get the printer operational. In the event they cannot, a service technician is dispatched to the site. ITI provides hot spares at every location to eliminate downtime.

How does the POD system help to reduce fraud?

ITI’s digital print solution records every print and every transaction in real-time. It a document and/or decal is produced there is an electronic record and a daily reconciliation.

Why is Print-on-Demand better than a pre-printed decal and form?

With Print on Demand, there is no need to try to anticipate decal/form usage for the next calander year. It is difficult to determine the number of year and month expiration decals that will be needed to accommodate all agency offices. Often agencies have experienced an excess, which must be destroyed, or they run short, requiring emergency orders which are costly.

What size form and decal can be printed?

The standard form size is 4” x 8 ½”, this form can accommodate any size decal to fit within the parameters of the form.

How expensive are the printers and material?

There are no upfront costs for the printer, materials, integration and installation services.  This solution is provided under ITI’s Transaction Pricing Model; you only pay a fee for a successful transaction.

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