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Here you will find links to publicly available news items and promotional materials by motor vehicle agencies that utilize ITI solutions, products and services.


News Releases/Press Coverage

ITI installs self-service kiosks for Georgia motor vehicle registration renewals in Kroger stores

ITI releases new License Plate and Registration Fulfillment Technology

Intellectual Technology, Inc. announces new sales executive

Saving the DMV, One Kiosk at a Time

Intellectual Technology, Inc. is awarded Indiana License plate contract

Intellectual Technology Inc. Expands Facilities to Meet the Growing Demand for DMV Outsourcing


Promotional Video

California DMV Self-Service Terminals Commercial

DMV Now at CA State Fair

DMV Now at L.A. County Fair

Renew Your Registration in 3 Easy Steps with DMV Now

News Releases/Press Coverage

Dos nuevas terminales de autoservicio del DMV en el condado de Los Ángeles
Self-Service Vehicle Registration Renewal Kiosk Added to DMV Long Beach

DMV Now: Self Service Terminals Expanded to Pittsburg

California DMV Completes Four Million Transactions with Self-Service Terminals

Self-Serve Terminals Expand to More DMV Field Offices

Self-serve kiosks at the DMV

Self-Service Kiosk Unveiled At Bakersfield DMV

Timesaving Self Service Terminals Installed at more DMV Offices

California DMV Vehicle Registration Kiosks

DMV opens new self-service kiosk at UCI — first in state

DMV Now Self Service Terminals Expand to Retail Locations in the Los Angeles area

DMV Now Self Service Terminals Expand to Retail Locations in the Antelope Valley

How to Avoid a Trip to the DMV in Tarzana

DMV Self-Service Terminals to Debut at San Diego County Fair

Broadcast Media

NBC Los Angeles – Less-Waiting-at-DMV-Due-to-New-Self-Serve-Kiosk


News Releases

Arapahoe County first in Colorado to use kiosks to renew license plates

Arapahoe County installs new kiosk for license plate renewals

Arapahoe County looks to future with kiosks for motor vehicle services

WAIT, WAIT, DON’T MAKE ME: New kiosks touted as a way to speed up local DMV

County unveils kiosks to renew license plates


Promotional Video

Rockdale County: Did you know?

News Releases/Press Coverage

Self-service kiosk to be placed in Ellenwood Kroger for vehicle registration

Tax Commissioner’s New Kiosk Saves Time for Vehicle Owners

Tax Commissioner Unveils Motor Vehicle Tag Kiosk

Georgia Government Center Installs Vehicle Renewal Kiosks

New Kiosk Opens to Renew Car Tags

Henry County Tag Kiosk First for Southern Crescent

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GA MVD Self-Service Tag Kiosk


News Releases/Press Coverage

Indiana BMV Kiosk Permits License Renewal 24/7

24-Hour Registration Renewal Kiosk Opens in Noblesville


Promotional Video

NV DMV Kiosk Promo

DMV in a Box Commercial

News Releases/Press Coverage

DMV in a Box Kiosk Set to Decrease Main Office Lines

Kiosks That Accept Cash May Help DMV Reduce Lines

AAA and Nevada DMV Launch Next-Generation “DMV in a Box”

‘DMV in a Box’ to Accelerate Wait Times in Nevada

Officials to Unveil “DMV in a Box” in Gardnerville Raley’s

DMV to open self-service kiosk in Albertson’s

DMV in a Box’ Expands to 45 Nevada Locations

New ‘DMV in a Box’ kiosk unveiled at UNLV

Broadcast Media

DMV in a Box Kiosks – Charleston near Valley View

Nevada “DMV in a Box” Charleston AAA Ribbon Cutting

Nevada DMV in a Box News Ribbon Cutting – UNR

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Nevada DMV-in-a-Box

New York

News Releases

DMV announces extended hours at three offices

North Dakota

News Releases

You can now renew car registration on your own time

ND DOT offers self-service vehicle registration renewals at kiosks


News Releases

Self-service kiosks let Ohioans renew vehicle registration

BMV kiosk draws curious to Westerville supermarket

Ohio debuts first self-serve BMV kiosk

Ohioans could soon renew license-plate tags at supermarkets, under BMV test program

South Dakota

News Releases

Kiosks Helping Plate Renewal Process

West Virginia

News Releases

DMV Kiosks Pull Into West Virginia Sheetz Stores

West Virginia DMV Features New Self-Service Kiosks for License and Registration Renewals

“Skip the Line” DMV kiosk set up in Beckley

First West Virginia DMV kiosk open for business

West Virginia DMV Releases First Self-Service Terminal

West Virginia to offer DMV kiosks in malls, grocery stores

DMV Kiosk Allows Customers to ‘Skip the Line’

New DMV service kiosk unveiled in Barboursville