License Plates

ITI’s Enterprise License Plate (ELP) platform provides Motor Vehicle Agencies and Correctional Industries a complete Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) solution for automating the manufacturing and direct-mail fulfillment processes of license plate programs. From order placement to delivery, ITI ELP is your complete license plate and registration fulfillment solution.

ITI ELP modernizes common, manual practices which are error-prone such as order entry, production planning, and spread-sheet reporting. ELP automates these processes into an intuitive interface that tracks license plates and provides real-time reporting metrics at all stages of production and delivery.

ELP is very modular and has an easy to use plate designer tool, an inventory management program, and a registration printing and direct mail fulfillment module. The inventory management program tracks raw materials as well as printed license plates stored in offices.

ITI ELP was designed specifically for use by Correctional Industries and Motor Vehicle Agencies and is PCI and NIST security compliant.

Our License Plate solutions have been proven to:

  • Increase visibility of orders and inventory through real-time processing, printing and delivery that guarantees 100% chain of custody for the delivery to customer.
  • Decrease costs by 15% or more through a transactional cost model that removes the requirement for excessive inventory, software, and printing equipment, with no upfront capital investment required.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and skills through using modern technology and manufacturing processes. Provide a foundation that will empower manufacturers to use better trained and equipped staff.

Specific services available:

  • License plate design tool
  • License plate manufacturing software
  • MVS system integration
  • Real-time reporting repository
  • Packaging and shipping software
  • Inventory Management software
  • Mailroom vehicle registration printing with address verification
  • Quality Assurance (QA) reporting
  • Digital license plate printers
  • Service with Call Center support
  • Manufacturing equipment (Embossed and Digital)