ITI’s Fulfillment solutions manage all printing, production, and delivery through NASPO and PCI compliant facilities that offer same-day delivery turnaround and postal jurisdiction matching.

ITI’s customized solutions are designed to provide streamlined, high-speed printing of registration and title documents, and various sized decals.

At every step, we ensure the security of forms and sensitive information. ITI knows the exact contents of each and every mail piece and provides a customized reporting system that allows you to track each piece throughout the process.

Our Fulfillment solutions have been proven to:

  • Recover at least 1% of revenue through real-time processing, printing, and mailing that guarantees a 100% chain-of-custody through delivery, removes the requirement for local inventory and equipment, and requires no up-front capital investment.
  • Decrease costs by 15% or more through a shared cost model with higher capacity, increased security, and large-scale DMV specific equipment that could not be justified for even the largest DMV office on its own.
  • Decrease wait times by 30% or more through simplified issuance that allows your staff to successfully service more customers each day, provides more time to process complex transactions, and increases available counter space.


  • Vehicle Registration
  • License plates
  • Vehicle Registration and License Plate Matching
  • Vehicle Registration and Driver License Renewal Notices
  • Vehicle and Vessel Titles
  • Identification Cards
  • Watercraft Registrations
  • Boater Cards
  • Customized Notices & Forms


  • CASS Certification
  • Address Forward Services
  • Householding
  • Custom Inserts
  • Custom Sorting
  • Real-Time Status Reporting
  • Secure Processing of Sensitive Information
  • Maintain Postal Jurisdictional Origination