ITI Approach

Our DMV on Demand platform is based on a single, core initiative – Automating motor vehicle services leads to better economies of scale, decreased waste, and increased customer satisfaction. DMV on Demand makes delivery of this initiative possible by understanding, optimizing, and integrating delivery and reporting of your services.

What we’ve found

Over the past 20+ years working exclusively with motor vehicle jurisdictions across the country, we have discovered that, in almost every instance, 5-10% of lost revenue is due to lack of resources and modern technologies.

The approach

ITI’s DMV on Demand solutions optimize service delivery, provide tight controls over critical inventory, and allow consumers to complete transactions anytime, anywhere, often in less than a minute.

By integrating delivery of all services through one platform, every transaction is tracked and reported on in real-time through intuitive dashboards, regardless of where or when a transaction occurs. Through real-time reporting and an analytics engine, you can always trust transactions and data are secure and that inventory is completely tracked.

A proven process

Our experience has led to the creation of a proven, repeatable process that ensures success:

  1. Plan – The first step in any ITI engagement starts with a Business Process Analysis (BPA). This analysis allows us to discover the current state of your technology, processes and initiatives. We can then identify gaps and propose appropriate options by offering creative ideas, based on experiences, and proven best practices.
  2. Prove – The next step is to successfully implement, test, and prove the DMV on Demand platform works in your environment. Since we know time and resources are scarce, our experts work closely with your technology team by managing the implementation and integration of solutions.
  3. Promote – Our experience shows that maximizing success requires promoting service delivery options to customers. The most effective service delivery in the world can never be successful if no one knows about it. Promotion ensures you meet your customers when and where they want to be met.
  4. Expand – ITI not only helps you meet customers wherever they are, our services evolve and expand as you evolve and expand. After helping you define and achieve the initial goals, we work with you to continually create better process models.