About ITI

Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) is the unique provider of innovative DMV on Demand software that helps motor vehicle agencies increase speed, visibility and security of transactions. Whether services are delivered via self-service terminals, over the counter, on a mobile device, or in a fulfillment center, ITI’s DMV on Demand software provides motor vehicle agencies the ability to securely service customers where they want to be met. By using ITI’s Self-Service, Counter, Fulfillment, Mobile, or License Plate solutions, motor vehicle agencies can help shorten wait times, control inventory, increase revenues and reduce fraud.

ITI’s DMV on Demand software is used to securely print on demand over 50 million vehicle registrations and 8 million license plates, plus renew over 4 million vehicle registrations and driver licenses on DMV kiosks each year.

ITI has over 20 years experience in developing solutions for motor vehicle agencies and is recognized by the industry for the quality of its products, services and exceptional customer support. ITI takes pride in its industry leadership position and visible presence in shaping the DMV of the future through its work with PCI, NCIA and AAMVA memberships.

ITI is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with its logistics, technology and operations center located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.